Graphic-Design plays an important role in product promotion strategy. Our experienced designers provide all kinds of technical support in creating a new design or developing an existing design.


This stage is the process of making film by balloon blowing method by mixing proportional proportions of main raw materials and auxiliary materials that add properties to MATERIAL with the help of heat and pressure. Single-layer films and multi-layer coex films are produced by our company. Modi Plastik has a production capacity of 3000 tons / year in extrusion lines.


With our Flexo PRINT system, PRINT can be made to Polyethylene, Polypropylene, CPP, OPP, Metallized films up to 1400 mm width.


Lamination is the process by which two or more layers of film can be produced by producing the desired properties. This process allows the ink to pass into the material in which the packaging is used, making the product more glossy and increasing its strength..


This stage is the stage of converting the materials in which the extrusion, print and lamination processes are completed to the desired size and quantity according to the customer's demand.


In this stage, the films in which the extrusion, print and lamination processes are completed take the desired final shape in the cutting stage and are ready for shipment.

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